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Mr Crowley
09 June 2010 @ 01:42 pm
Title: Classifieds
Paring: Gabilliam
Point of View: First
Summary: It all started with a box, a tall brown box with the words 'Handle with Care' printed on it, and Ryland's douchebaggary.
Disclaimer: Title, from the song of The Academy Is. The plot is sort of a rip off from the song Classifieds and 'cause I remembered Chobits. Did I mention how I own nothing? Yeah..
Notes: AU, maybe probably out of character. I don't know. Not beta-ed Tell me if anything needs to be fixed :D

OKAY. So as you all know this should be chaptered and long. But when I found out there was a fic called 'One Day Robots Will Cry' I felt unoriginal and didn't feel like writing it anymore so I'm cut this short. I didn't want to just drop it 'cause I hate it when people do that. So I made an ending for it. Hopefully that covers it up. :)

The End

Today I left William at home so I could go to Ryland’s place bitch to him. I’ve been doing that a lot. And he’d end my bitching the same way every time.

“Stop your bitching. I am not some fairy godmother. I can’t turn him into a human.”

It kills me to know that. It’s been a week since I had him- it. Ryland said I have to get the fact that he’s an it not a he. Damn I feel so pathetic.

“Ryland what should I do?” I whine. I feel like a damn five year old.

“Well you could fuck him and get it over with.”

My head shoots up and I give him a disgusted look. I will not fuck a robot I have pride.

“Ryland I have pride. I will NOT do a robot.” I say crossing my arms and making a face.

“Very mature Gabe. But if you don’t get your sex drive in him you’re gonna end up dead.”

The mental images of my penis exploding and killing me flooded my mind. Aw fuck.

“Ry, I have to go.” I say standing up and grabbing my hoodie off his couch. I hear him say ‘bye’ before I leave and smile at him.


“William. I’m going to fuck you.”


“No- That won’t do. Should I even do him? He’s like a robot. That’s got to be illegal somewhere.”

I sit in my car thinking of ways to break it down to him that I’m going to deflower him. Wait I think the term ‘deflower’ can only be for girls. I don’t know. Shit.


“Welcome home!”

Why couldn’t you be real? I let William hug me before I look him in his eyes. They have emotions. Why? I stare at him studying his face. I fell his hands on him cheeks before his face floods with worry.

“Gabe? W-what’s wrong?”

“You’re not human.” I say in a very hushed voice. I wasn’t sure if he could hear me, until he spoke up.

“You’re right Gabe. I’m not.” He sounds sad. Robots shouldn’t be allowed to sound sad.

“Why do you have emotions?”

“I don’t Gabe. I’ve been programmed. My reactions are based on everything in my memory chip.” William says dropping his hands to his side and sighing. It’s not fair. He seems so real.

“What where you made for?”

“To serve, to give company. I have little use.”

“Damn you, Ryland.” I breathe before leaning to kiss William. His lips are cold. I feel so empty. I pull back and whisper for him to make his body room temperature. He blushes. Robots aren’t allowed to blush.
I kiss him one more time. It’s a bit warmer and he licked his lips. I smile and move my lips against his. I feel his arms go around my neck. It all feels so real. It’s not fair.

I wrap my arms around his waist. He nibbles on my bottom lip. I open wide for him. Can he taste? I don’t know, probably not. I guide his leg to wrap around my waist as I lift him up and head for the kitchen counter. He sits on the counter and I slowly lift his shirt over his head.

This is so wrong.

I suck on his neck. It feels like any other human’s neck. He moans and takes my shirt off me. I sigh, but continue on. I lay him flat on the counter and thrust my tongue in and out his navel. He’s slim fingers grab onto my hair and pull.


I grab the pants Vicky bought him. They’re tight. I struggle with the button but when I pop it out the zipper was easy. I discard of his pants. No underwear. Not a surprise. I suck the tip of his hardness. He gasp. I stop and look at him. He
looks pissed that I stopped. I smile.

“William. Do you like chocolate syrup?”

“Is that really important right now?” I see his hands move to his erection and slowly jerks himself off.

“Just answer the question.” I say as I shed my jeans and underwear. (Yes I wear underwear you dumb-asses.)

“Yes I do.” He said with a pout.

I stand up and head to the fridge and pull out a Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and head back to the counter smiling. Since he’s a robot I can have my sick fantasy. Right?

“Spread your legs.”

He does as he’s told. He won’t need stretching so with out hesitating I stick the spout of the bottle up his ass and squeeze the bottle. He gasps really loud and tries (and fails) to glare at me. I smile sweetly and pull the bottle away letting the syrup drip.

“Mmm- Tastey.”

I lick the dripping chocolate till my tongue meets his entrance then I stick my tongue in him. He moans and grabs at my curly locks again.


After I fuck him with my tongue I straighter up a bit before slicking my penis with chocolate syrup. I align my cock with his entrance and push in slowly. Even if he won’t feel anything. As soon as I’m all in he whimpers and squirms getting used to the feeling. But robots can’t feel I remind myself before I thrust into him before he’s used to it.


I want to stop and give him time to adjust but I hear those words in my head.

He’s not human.




“I love you.” He says with a smile.

“You’re a robot you can’t love.” I reply with a frown

“I know. But I still love you."

I sigh.

“I love you too.” 

Damn you Ryland.

Moar Notes: Sorry it sucks but I have school now so I was also in a hurry.

Other Chapters:


Chapter One
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Mr Crowley
02 June 2010 @ 11:52 pm
Title: Dibs
Pairing: Gabilliam, A little Nalex, And a tiny Travis crushing on Ms. Perry.
Summary: The young boy known as Gabe made a thinking noise while he rubbed his chin. “I want.. A girl who can. Uh- I want a girl who can do all that stuff and smell really good at the same time. Yep.” Gabe said finishing with a nod.
Rating: I don't know G? Well If you let your kids read slash then yes. Whatever its just 'G' for Gabe.
Warnings: Fast paced.
Notes: Tell me if I should add or fix something. :)
Disclaimer: F-A-N-F to the A to the I-C-T-ION can't handle it can't handle damn that fic is fake. :\

“I want a girl with nice eyes!”

“A cute laugh!”

“I want one that can make me cookies!”

“I want a girl who likes hugs, like me!”

“What about you Gabe?”

The young boy known as Gabe made a thinking noise while he rubbed his chin. “I want.. A girl who can. Uh- I want a girl who can do all that stuff and smell really good at the same time. Yep.” Gabe said finishing with a nod.

“Woah- Yeah! Yeah! That would be so cool!”

Gabe smiled feeling smart for impressing all his friends, well his boy friends. (Not boyfriends. Boys that are friends. Psh.)

“I wonder where we can find someone like that.” Ryland said with a sigh as he fantasized about his dream girl making him cookies.

“I want a girl with hair like Nasty Nate!” Alex yelled hugging his best friend.

“I said stop calling me ‘Nasty’!” Nate said blushing while he pushed Alex off him.

“Alex why don’t you just stop looking for a girl and just date Nate!” Ryland said “Less competition that way.”

“Oh yeah, Nasty Nate does have really nice eyes.” Alex said looking Nate in the eyes making him blush even harder. “Okay! I’ll take him!”

“You can’t just take me!”

“Uh then- Can I have you Nasty Nate?” Alex said with his million dollar smile.

“O-okay, fine, but I won’t enjoy it.” Nate said crossing his arms.

“Whatever you say Nasty Nate.” Replied Alex before pulling his Nasty Nate into another hug.


“Okay class, we’ll be having a new student today- be nice okay?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

It was like any other Wednesday. Gabe made it a point to dress his best on Wednesdays because it was his favorite day. He liked it ‘cause he was the only one who spelt it right the first time.

“I hope the new kid’s a girl!” Ryland said fixing his hair with his tiny fingers.

“Maybe she’ll bring cookies!” Travis said throwing his hands in the air.

“Or maybe it’s a boy.” Sisky said with a frown.

“Don’t be a buzz kill!” Gabe said sticking his tongue out at Sisky

“What does that even mean!?” Sisky yelled making a face.

“I don’t have any idea, but they say it on the television.”

And with that the small group of boys burst out laughing.


The pale blue door opened and showed a little child clinging onto a leg of what seem to be the mother. The woman beckons the teacher, Ms. Perry, over and talks to her before ripping the child from her leg and walking away.

“Hey Ry, look it’s the new kid.” Gabe said tilting his head to the side.

“She looks pretty.”

Ryland and Gabe take a moment to stare at her. All the two boys could see was her back. Brown hair and white skin. Before Ryland could say anything Gabe stood up and yelled ‘Dibs!’ while pointing at the girl getting the attention of his group of friends.

“Gabe, you know that’s cheating right?” Ryland said pouting.

“The next one can be all yours man.” The boy said with a wink before jumping off his chair and running to Ms. Perry and the new kid.

“Gabe! Thank god! Here. Be nice and make him feel at home. Okay sweetie? Can you do that for me?” Ms. Perry said with a smile and a worried look.

“Sure thing ma’am!” Gabe said pulling the girl away from the teacher.

“I-I w-want muh-my mu-mum pl-pl-please.”

“I’m Gabe. I’ll take care of you uh- What’s your name Señorita?”

“I’m Bill.”

And that’s when it hit Gabe. This kid ain’t a girl. No wonder she has no boobs! Oh wait- No girls his age had boobs. Oh well. He’s still pretty.

“Well Bill, I can’t give you your mama, and Ms. Perry asked me to take care of you so- Wait- Bill I have a very important question.”

Bill’s face turned confused but nodded anyway.

“Can you bake cookies?”

“I-I made some with my mom ye-yesterday. I have in my bag- Would you l-like s-some?”

Gabe’s face broke into a very big grin. Before nodding.


Its break time now. Bill seemed to have made friends with Vicky who brought him to the ‘Girl’ group. So Gabe and his friends took this chance to talk.

“She’s not a girl is she?” Ryland said looking at Gabe.

“No. But still I ‘dib’.”

“No one said we could dib! If that’s the case I call dibs on Ms. Katy Perry!” Travis said looking at the said teacher while she checked some papers.

“Isn’t she a bit old?” Sisky said raising an eyebrow

“Older women. So what? My mom is older than my dad by two years!”

“And Ms. Perry is older than him by like twenty.” Alex whispered into Nate’s ear making him erupt with giggles.


After School

“So Bill how’d you like your girls’ day out?” Gabe said teasing Bill slightly.

“I-it was okay. B-but I think I rather stay with y-y-you.” William said blushing and twirling his hair a bit out of habit.

“The last test.” Gabe said before diving in and hugging William and sniffing his chestnut colored hair. Taking in the scent of strawberries.

“T-test f-f-for what?” William asked blushing.

“You have nice eyes, you make cookies, you have a cute laugh, and you smell really really good. William do you like hugs?”

“Y-yes. I g-guess.” William said hugging Gabe back by putting his arms around the taller boy’s neck.

“Okay that settles it then. I’ma make you mine.”

And all Bill could do was blush.

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Mr Crowley
26 May 2010 @ 12:55 pm
Title: Reaching Out To Touch Ryan.
Summary: ‘Reach out and touch someone.’
Rating: Porn? NC17.
Disclaimer: I own shit. By shit I mean nothing. Not like poop shit, bah- Forget it.
Notes: I was looking at this site and I saw someone’s icon, it was like “Reach Out And Touch Someone …No, Not There!!”, Msg me if there is anything I should fix :D
Pairing: Ryden Ryan/Bden (It’s my first Ryden!)
POV: 1st Bden’s

“I really really want him!”

“You don’t even know him!”

“Jonathan- Haven’t you heard of lust at first sight?!”

“Yes, but how will you get him?”

“I’ll just reach out to him.”

We’re at a bar. Me, Jon, Spencer. And I just saw the cutest thing ever! I feel like a kid in a toyshop. I have so much to pick from but I only want that one. The one with pretty face. Well if I want him better get moving. I stand up and make my way to him and ‘accidentally’ bump into him.

“Oh- Sorry.” The boy says he blushed a bit.

“No- no it’s fine.”

“You sure?”

“You could accompany me for a drink.” He smiles and we walk up to the bar. I have this one in the bag.

“Ryan, you?”

“I’m Brendon.”

I flag the bartender and tell him to give us two beers. We small talk when I see his face getting a bit redder I know I seriously have this in the bag. I smirk and lightly run my hand up his thigh.

Reach out and touch somebody.

After a few more beers we step outside. His cheeks are really red. I lean down and kiss his lips. Soft. I lightly run my tongue over his lower lip, he gasps. I shove my tongue in his mouth and explore. I start thrusting my tongue in and out his mouth, occasionally taking his lower lip in between my teeth. We break away for air. Ryan’s lips are swollen. Cute.

“Your place or mine?”


Right there. Touch 'em right there.


I have Ryan spread on the bed. He’s really cute. Like all the noises he makes. Like when I’d suck on his neck or run my tongue over his nipple. The way he squeaked when I’d thrust my tongue into his navel.

“B-bren! C-can y-you just t-touch me.”

I lower my body and come face to face with his erection. He blushes even more. I teasingly lick the slit before taking the head into my mouth. He moans and fists my hair. I take a bit more of him before hollowing my cheeks. His grip on my hair gets harder.

“Y-you t-ease!” He moans out the words really loudly.

I take him into my mouth as I fiddle with his balls. He groans and bucks forward. I place my hands on his hips so he won’t do it again. He whimpers as I slide his dick out of my mouth letting my teeth run over his length.

“You ready?”

“Fuck- Just fuck me.”

I smirk. I place three of my finger on his lower lip, he quickly gets the message and take them in his mouth. I feel his warm tongue slide over my fingers and in between them. He slowly guides my fingers out of his mouth and smiles. Cute. I look at him and he nods. That’s all I needed before I slipped the first finger inside him. He’s warm and tight. He eagerly pushes back and fucks himself on my finger. I bit my lip as I slowly push in the second one. He moans as I scissor him.

“Th-third, p-please.”

He’s moaning like a cheap whore. I love it. I shove the third finger in. He flinches a bit before he starts to fuck himself on my fingers. I guess he just can’t wait for the good part. Me.
I take my fingers out hearing him whimper from the emptiness. I spit in my hands and stroke myself coating my hardness in spit.

“Come on!”

I chuckle. He blushes. Adorable. I align my dick with his entrance then very slowly I push in. He gasps. I attach my lips to his collarbone and suck, nibble, lick, and repeat. As soon as I’m fully in him I wait for him to give me the signal to go.
He bucks his hips. We both moan. I take that as the signal. I start to thrust into him. So fucking tight. Finally I hear him practically scream, and I know I got it.

“Right fucking there!”

I pick up the pace and slam harder into his prostate. He moans. I grunt. The room is filled with sounds. I feel Ryan’s legs wrap around me and pull me closer and he holds the headboard for his dear life.

“I’m not gonna last much longer-“

And before I could reply. We cum. I fill him with my cum as his hits our stomachs.

“Fuck. That was good.”

Best advice I gave myself:

‘Reach out and touch someone.’

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Mr Crowley
25 May 2010 @ 10:25 pm
Title: All I Want For Christmas...
Paring: Gabilliam
Summary: I still think its really stupid that Patrick would rather be called 'Santa' than Patrick. Well whatever it's his life.
Disclaimer: Gabe is not an Elf so this has to be fake.
Notes: I KNOW. ITS LIKE MONTHS TILL CHRISTMAS. But, Christmas cheer all year 'round is still okay so here. A Christmas Fic. If anything needs fixing let me know.

Its been years. He's seventeen now. For what I can see he has a little sister. Still no parents. I wish I did something all those years ago. I should have stayed. Fuck you Patrick. I run my hand through my black hair and let out a sigh. Ten years ago seems so long ago. I should have done something. Ten fucking years. I close my eyes. I remember it so fucking well.

I was new on the job. I finally got the job to drop off all the gifts in the United States. I felt so proud to know Patrick trusts me with this job. I looked down at the list for the next addresses and smile. The list was simple. An address, a name, and the gift they wanted. I'm half way done with the list and then I see a error in the list. The list had the kid's name and address, but no gift. I pull over on his roof and scratch my head. I shrug and grab the bag of gifts and make my way down the chimney.

As quietly as I can I dig through the bag and find a gift with the kid's name on it. The gift was just a really big brown bear. I lifted the bear (the bear was like half of me and that's saying something, 'cause I'm fucking tall!) and made my way to the christmas tree.

"You're not Santa."

I feel my breath catch as I turn around to see a kid around the age of seven. He must be William Eugene Beckett.

"That's right I'm not Pat- Santa. I'm his helper- Gabe." I tell him. He doesn't look like he believes me. He looks ready to cry.

"No- But I put it in my letter! No! I told Santa why'd he get it wrong?" the kid's face turned bright red as tears ran down his cheeks. It was my first time on the job so I wasn't sure if I was suppose to leave him and tell him 'Next year kiddo.' or comfort him. I bite my lower lip thinking hard.

I'll stay.

"Hey now- William?"

"Call me Bill." He said between sobs.

"Okay um, Bill, what'd you ask Santa for? Hm? Maybe I try and get before tonight ends." I say as I put him down on the couch.

I still think its really stupid that Patrick would rather be called 'Santa' than Patrick. Well whatever it's his life.

"I w-won't tell you- If I tell you Santa won't give it! An-and I don't even k-know if you're r-really S-santa's he-helper!" 

Well, fair enough. I think of something that will show I'm an elf. Hmm. What do elves have that humans don't?

Ears! "Ears!" The little boy makes a confused face, "I mean- look! Touch my ears. They're elf ears!" I flop down beside him and lean near him. He looks kinda scared, but he reaches out and rubs my left ear in between his tiny fingers. He smiles. I couldn't help but smile back. "See?"

"I g-guess. I'll t-tell you w-what I asked for. I wrote 'Dear Santa, I know you're busy, but I really want this. My mum and dad are always busy on Christmas, so this year I want you to gimme some to spend it with.' Yep that's what I wrote."

"You memorized it?"

"No, I just had to write it a lot to make sure my writing was nice." Bill says blushing a bit. "I-i g-guess I got it after all."

And that's when I realized I'm so fucked. I have half a bag of gifts to drop off. I pull out my phone so I could call Pete to check if he could pick up where I left off, but as soon as I see the screen of my phone I notice a text and it said:

Stay with the kid this Christmas. Pete got the bags.
P.S. He's 7 no funny biz lol

Har-har fuck you Patrick. I flip my phone closed getting questioning looks from Bill.

"You have to go now don't you? Y-you're going t-to leave me. A-and I'll b-be all alone again." He looks like he's about to cry again. I smile and hug him.

"No. This Christmas I'm all yours."

Bill grips my purple hoodie tighter and and cries.

That was ten years ago. I haven't seen him since I left him wrapped in a blanket with a hot choco and a note. I don't know why I left. I wish I stayed. He's seventeen now. I think I already told you that. I'm doing my rounds for this year's Christmas. I'm excited. 'Cause after ten years, I'm back in the States. Did I tell you that? Probably not.

"Bill! There's a weird man! Bill look!"

My breath doesn't catch. I just smile and turn around. I see Bill with a little girl in his arms. I know that's his sister. I remember Pete gossiping about how Bill's parents died a year ago so it's just Bill, his sister and their aunt.


"The one and only."

Bill puts down his little sister who runs to the tree looking for her gift. She asked for a Batman cape when all the other girls asked for barbies.

"Ten years. I thought you were a dream. I cried when I woke up alone. I saw your note. I showed it to no one, I kept it."

"Thanks. Well this is kind of awkward. Maybe I should go?" I say biting my lip. I don't do well with awkward.

Before I could say a goodbye Bill walks up to me and takes my left ear in between his long fingers. He's grown. I feel his fingers rubbing gently on my ear. I smile.

"Maybe I could stay for some of your hot chocolate."
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Mr Crowley
21 May 2010 @ 01:16 pm
Title: Play Date
Summary: Billiam goes to the park and gets a boo-boo.
Rating: Uhh +K? Its nothing really just Gabe being a superhero. Sorta.
Disclaimer: Fill in the blanks: _AKE. (Clue: F)
Notes: Kid!fic, ‘cause I crave them. I’m a freak like that. I wrote this like early morning so if there are typos or grammar errors feel free to point them out.
Warnings: William almost ‘dies’!

I am William Beckett. I’m five years old. I’m a big boy now you see- And right now I am on my way to the park for my first date. Play date, but its still a date! With who? I don’t know my mom said her name is Christine and she’s nice. When we get to the park mum takes off my seat belt and lets me run off to the playground. I see her take a seat next to some lady probably Christine’s mom. I don’t really care I just want a turn on the monkey bars.

I run to the ladder or the red monkey bars and get ready to make my way up. I huff and right before I climb someone taps my back. I turn around to see a girl she looks around my age, but I don’t know her.

“Hi. I’m Christine. My mom said you’re my play date today.”

Oh I guess I do know her. I say ‘Hi’ and shake her hand.

“I’m going to climb the monkey bars. Wanna join me?”


After a while we get tired of going back and forth and sit to take a break. We talk more. Like how her favorite color is yellow and mine is red. I get bored after a bit.

“You know Christine- I bet I could hang upside down on those monkey bars.” I say before I stand up. “If I do it, you owe me a ice cream!”

She follows behind me saying something that sounded like ‘Only if you can do it.’I start to climb the ladder and reach for the bar. My hands feel sweaty. I try to get my legs up but I can’t. I frown and try again, but this time I lose my balance. Before I knew what was happening I was on the ground with a cut on my knee. It really hurts.

“William! Are you okay?” Christine asks with a worried look. I try to say ‘I’m fine.’ But then it started bleeding and hurting more. I couldn’t hold it
anymore. I start to cry. 

“William! Hold on! I’ll get your mom!”

I didn’t really care what she did right now I’m going to die. It’s bleeding and it hurts so much.

“Hey! You okay?”

I look up and see a boy around my age. I don’t know him but I think I’ve seen his purple hoodie around this park. I didn’t answer his question I just cried a bit more. The boy makes a face I can’t really see it ‘cause of my tears though.

“Oh you got a cut.”

“Y-yeah i-it r-r-really hu-hurts” I say between sniffs and sobs.

“Here. I’ll make it better- I’m Gabriel, but you can call me Gabe.”

I nod. Gabe sits down beside me before getting a handkerchief out of his pocket and whipping my cut. I flinch at when it touches me.

“S-stop i-it hu-hu-hurts”

“I’m almost done just be strong okay? What’s your name anyways?”

“I-I’m W-william.”

He nods before sticking a band-aid on my knee. It stopped bleeding. But it still hurts.

“Are you better now?”

“I-it s-st-still hurts” I say looking at my new friend. “Can you make it stop hurting?”

I see Gabe lean down and kiss the band-aid. I don’t know why but it stopped hurting after that. But my cheeks feel really warm now.

10 Days Later

I am William Beckett. I am five years old. I’m a big boy. And today I am going to the park for another play date. With who? Not Christine. After she took so long to get help and almost let me die, no way. I’m going to meet up and play with Gabe. He’s awesome. He’s like a superhero. He always saves me from trouble. Unlike Christine- I told her I don’t want to date her again. She said she’s fine with it.

I run to the only kid in a purple hoodie and hug him. ‘Cause I know that’s Gabe. Purple’s his favorite color. He turns around smiles.

“Hey Bill!”

“Gabe did I tell you you’re like my personal Batman?”

“Only everyday. Want to go on the teeter-totter?”

“I’m up for anything as long as you promise to keep me safe!”

“Then it’s a promise. Now let’s go play!”
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Mr Crowley

“I have had enough!”

I bet you’re wondering what’s happening, but I swear it’s not my fault. It’s his for not speaking up earlier. Before we started this ‘Friends with Super Sexy Hot and Sweaty Benefits’ I told him: NO STRINGS. He was fine with it. Till, I guess, today. Geez, he’s really like a woman I swear.

“I told you no strings.”

“Then don’t toy with me! Don’t tell me you love me after we have animalistic sex! Don’t cuddle me while we watch a movie! Don’t kiss my lips then make out with some whore in front of me! If you don’t mean it don’t say it! God, Gabe I swear you are so insensitive!”

Okay so maybe it is my fault. But William is totally not hearing me out! Does he know my side yet? No, ‘cause he just goes on and on. He finally stops yelling and sits on the couch burying his face in his hands. I hear him sobbing and calling himself stupid.

“Do you know why I would do those thing?” I say with a sigh.

“No and I don’t really ca-“

“You will care when you hear my answer. Just hear me out okay?”

“Haven’t you hurt me enough? You dick.”

I let out a heavier sigh and say, “Billiam, you are being very childish. Listen to me.”

He scoots away. I roll my eyes and pull him into a snuggle kind of hug making sure I hold him tight so he can’t move away.

“Don’t touch me you ass.”

“Hear me out. Then you can decide on what you want. Okay?” I feel him nod so I continue. “I’ve been sleeping with other people ‘cause I like you, no- don’t say anything till I’m done. Yeah I know how stupid that sounds but that’s the reason. When we started this I liked you. I said no string so no one gets hurt. I’d sleep with other people to try and get over you and remind myself ‘no strings’. Never really worked. If you spoke up sooner I wouldn’t be sleeping around.”

“So its my fault?” 

“Yes. It is.” I say with a bright smile

“Gabe you are so immature! I can’t beli-“

I kiss him. A nice soft one. Like the ones in the movies, but he ruins it and pushes me away.

“Don’t think you can get your way with kiss me.” He says his eyes still shut.

“William I just told you I liked you for like a year. And you just told me you liked me.”

“But still-“

“Lets make a deal, since I knew you were going to Travie, Pete, Ryan, Mikey, Mike, Brendon, and a bunch of other people for sex too so we’re even.” I see his face redden and I smile, God I love his blush, “So how about we drop the Friends with Super Sexy Hot and Sweaty Benefits and you know be a thing?”

“You’re too immature to say couple.” He states.

I smile and shrug.

“I’m willing to drop it for the couple-y thing, but still no strings.” He says looking me straight in the eyes.


I don’t believe this he doesn’t want to be Friends with Benefits but a couple with no strings? I make a confused face. He giggles. Okay what the fuck. Seriously.

“No strings, Just ropes.” He says crawling on top of me.

“Ooh- Kinky.”

“Shut up.”

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Mr Crowley
17 May 2010 @ 10:45 pm

William hates spiders.

They make him scream. The only thing he hates more than spiders is screaming. Even of he won’t admit it, he hates screaming because he screams like a girl. You know those high pitched shrill screams? Yeah. That’s his scream, and the reason he hates screaming.


A shrill scream echoes through the room causing all heads to face the back of the classroom.

“Did I scare you?! Did I? Did I?!” The dark haired boy asks jumping up and down.

“G-gabe I h-hate you! D-don’t do th-that!” William chokes out as he sobs. “You k-know I hate it w-when you j-jump o-out and scare me!”

The Latino boy’s joy evaporated and was quickly replaced with guilt.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you cry! Buddies forever right?! Don’t cry Billiam!” The taller child wraps his arms around the chestnut hair one and whispers to him, “Please don’t cry Billiam, you’re much much more prettier when you smile.”

A giggle erupts from William as he looks up at his friend. “Thank you, but I’m a boy. Can I be handsome instead?”

“Billiam. You’re very very pretty.”

“You just think that ‘cause you thought I was a girl when you met me!” William says sticking out his tongue.


"Yes. Now grow up and call me handsome!"

The Next Day


For the third time this week the shrill sound echoes through the room.

“G-gabriel Ed-duardo Sap-porta! I told you t-to stop s-s-scaring me!”

“I-I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it!” The Latino boy says hugging his best friend again.

“No- I-I h-hate you! D-don’t touch me!” William shouts causing Gabe to recoil backward looking about ready to cry. “Y-you touched that di-dirty icky hu-hairy spider. W-wash your ha-hands.”

Gabe quickly runs to sink and washes his hand and sits back down beside William.

“Why do you like scaring me?”

“Because you scream!” Gabe said as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“You know I hate screaming.” William said pouting.

“I like hearing you scream.”

“Can’t you find another way?”

“I’ll try. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Gabey.”

15 Years Later

“Hey Gabey?”


“Remember when we were like seven you would always scare me.”

“Yeah, I remember. Why?”

“Nothing. I just remembered how you loved hearing me scream.”

“At least I found a new way.” Gabe says as he plants a kiss on his boyfriend’s temple.

A/N: If you are wondering about a teacher- Well its break time for the kiddies. And I didn't want to write a whole sense with the teacher sorting things out for em. (This thing was kind of rushed I dun' know)
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Mr Crowley
14 May 2010 @ 06:31 pm

Lately I should be working on that fic I made but now I'm bummed about it 'cause I recently found out about this fic I forgot the title I think it was One Day Robots Will Cry. Even if the journal was deleted I feel less creative and just bummed. So I was thinking I'll drop the Fic and try something else. 'Cause every time I try to write I get writers block- But if you want me to go on then why not. I dunno, I don't really think anyone will read this so I'm just getting it off my chest.

In other news!

My dog learned shake and roll over! 

I'm not really sure what to do anymore with my doggie she won't learn play dead. Oh well. -_-
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Mr Crowley
28 April 2010 @ 06:23 pm
Title: Classifieds
Paring: Gabilliam
Point of View: First
Summary: It all started with a box, a tall brown box with the words 'Handle with Care' printed on it, and Ryland's douchebaggary.
Disclaimer: Title, from the song of The Academy Is. The plot is sort of a rip off from the song Classifieds and 'cause I remembered Chobits. Did I mention how I own nothing? Yeah..
Notes: AU, maybe probably out of character. I don't know. Not beta-ed

Chapter One


"You don't know what clothes are? Well they are these stuff." I said showing off my purple hoodie. "They cover your body and keep you warm!"

William started to look at me funny before saying, "I'm always warm. Room temperature."

"Oh yeah- You're a robot- But we can't have you walking around with your dick hanging out like that."

"So where do I get clothes?" He asks tilting his head to the side.

"First you can borrow mine. Then we can go out and buy you some."

He nods and follows me to his room. You know what I haven't done in a very long time? Walk around my house nude. I think I'll do that some time. Yeah. Anyways, I open my closet and tell William to pick anything he likes. He smiles. For a robot he smiles a lot. I like his smile it's warm.


I snap out of my thoughts and look at him. He looks confused. I guess he doesn't know how to dress himself too.

"Here, let me help you with that."

After a few minutes he ended up wearing one of my blue printed shirts and black jeans. They both looked a bit big for him and he refused to put on underwear saying it felt weird.
"Gabe? Do you wear underwear?"

"Sometimes. Why?"

"They're weird. Um. Are you wearing any now?"

"William, stop asking those questions. And no I am not wearing any right now."

"O-okay." He blushes. 


"Vicky-T. I am in need of your magic womanly help!" I say as William and I enter her condo. "William needs clothes-"

"Gabe, I may have been wasted the day you got him but I know for a fact he's a boy. And I didn't know he had a name did you name him?"

"No, I didn't name him and yes I know he's a bo-"

"Gabey baby! You sick pervert! You want him to cross-dress!?" She says with an exaggerated shock look on her face.

"No! Its just that-"

"Um Whats cross-dress?" 

Vicky and I both stop and look at William. I guess William felt all eyes on him 'cause he started blushing and looking away. He's so cute. Ah- Shut up Saporta. Don't think like that.

"Well, William is it? So cross-dressing is like, if Gabe makes you wear a dress and fucks you!" Victoria said jokingly

William blushes harder and goes wide eyed at me.

"Will, I won't fuck you-" His face falls. My insides sink again and my brain panics, "No, no! I'll fuck you!", Wow that sounded awkward. "Wait- that's not what I meant-"

"Gabe, you're confusing me. What did you mean?" William asked me with those confused eyes. I never thought a robot could show this much emotion. Its confusing.

"Yeah, Gabe, what did you mean?" 

Screw you Vicky.

"What I meant was, Vicky can you just help us get him some clothes."

She mouths the words 'Kill joy' and stands ups telling William to follow her.

By the time Vicky came back with William he had tighter jeans on and a tight shirt, at least they fit him well. Before we left Vicky said something about buying him his own shoes and underwear. I ignored her comments say goodbye and kiss her cheek and leave.


William and I went to the park after Vicky's house. The whole walk he was quiet. It bothered me, he's never this quiet.

"Hey William? What's wrong?"

"Is she your girlfriend?" William said after taking a deep breath. Hearing him say this made me want to laugh, but his face was dead serious and sad. I smiled at him and held the sides of his face. 

"Why would you say that?"

"Well, she called you Gabey baby and you kissed her cheek." Will looked away when he said this. I couldn't help but chuckle. I forgot how he's not used to humans and contact, and me and my friends are all friendly touching. He pouts when I chuckle.

"I'm sorry William. We're not dating."

"B-but you kissed her-"

"My friends and I are all touchy feely."

"Touchy feely?"

"Yeah like this." I wrap my arms around his waist and rest my head on his shoulder, "Touchy feely." I feel him wrap his arms around my neck.


"So Gabe, how do you like my B-day present?"

"Ryland you sick fuck, he's adorable."

"Gabe, you do know he's a robot."

Something clenches inside my chest. That's right he's a robot. He doesn't have real feeling.

"Gabe? You still there?"

"Uh yeah. So why'd you call?"

"Nothing. Just checking if you totally wrecked the gift with your insane love for butt smex."

"Ryland I told you I'm not gonna do that with him. I have to go now. Bye douche."

"You love me."

I sigh. Ryland's an ass. He gives me this robot that is human-like, adorable, and makes the best cookies ever. Damn him. I stand up from my chair and make my way to William. He's sitting on my couch watching Bambi.

"I just finished Peter Pan. He reminds me of you."

I nod taking a seat beside him. The movie is at the part were the hunters shoot Bambi's mom.


William goes wide eyed and pauses the DVD and turns to me. He looks like he's about to breakdown in tears.

"Th-they shot h-his mommy?"

William's so cute when he stutters. I pull him closer to rest his head my shoulder.

"Yeah they did."

He cuddles closer.

"That's so sad.."

He's not real. He doesn't have feelings. He was programed.

"Yeah sad."

The pain in my chest comes back.

More Notes: So there it is chapter two. I'm excited to write the next part 'cause well you'll see. Hahaha. Thank you for the comments in the prologue, they made me want to write more. Hope you enjoyed reading. *Free hugs*
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Mr Crowley
26 April 2010 @ 04:09 pm
Title: Classifieds
Pairing: Gabilliam
Point of View: First
Summary: It all started with a box a tall brown box with the words 'Handle with Care' printed on it, and Ryland's douchbaggary.
Disclaimer: Title, from the song of The Academy Is. The plot is sort of a rip off from the song Classifieds and 'cause I remember Chobits. Did I mention how I own nothing? Yeah..
Notes: AU, maybe probably out of character. I don't know. Not beta-ed


It all started with a box a tall brown box with the words: 'Handle with Care' printed on it, and Ryland's douchebaggary. It started on October 11, yeah my birthday. So every year, every October 11 my friends come over we have some beer, eat some cake that tastes like nothing (but icing), and then we open gifts. Just that. Every year. Same thing. But this year Ryland went out of his way to get my something not useless. Every year my friends make a contest about who can give me the most amusing gift. Winner gets the last bottle of beer. So we're opening the gifts and laughing till Ryland brings in that box.

"Gabey! I present to you- The only thing that will have sex with you and clean your dishes."

"You got me a wife slash maid?" I said quirking an eyebrow.

"Better! Open it!"

I stare at him funny before I make my way to the box and I lightly touch the top of the box, I hear Ryland saying something like 'Come on, its not going to bite you.", and I open it. In that box there was a boy with chestnut brown hair, sleeping in the box.

Oh and did I mention he was naked?

"RYLAND!! Why the fuck is there a naked boy in a box in my condo?!" I yelled ready to rip him limb from limb, "Your sick jokes seriously have to stop."

"Gabey baby, this is not one of my sick jokes, in fact it's one of my greatest ideas! You remember that add we saw- I think you were drunk but it was talking about these new things! They're like humans but they're robots!" 

I was ready to bust Rylands face but then, I thought how bad could this be? I mean, look at that sink full of dishes- They need some loving.

"Fine I'll keep it. But- not for my amazing sex drive, for my dishes. And someone to make my bed."

"Whatever you say Gabe." Nate says snuggling closer to Alex.

"Do not snuggle on my couch! I know how you guys get it on!" 

"Shut up Saporta. Just 'cause you're not gettin' any." Alex says grabbing Nate's butt.


The following day I was left home alone with all the stuff they gave. Including that freaky robot thing. I swear Ryland is such a freak only he would think of something like this. And I do not lack sex. Pft. I make my way to the box but when I get to it its empty.


I start walking around my condo and smell something actually cooking. I make my way to the kitchen and find a very naked boy cooking. My first reaction was to look away but I ended up doing the opposite. I stand and stare. I smell pancakes and bacon. 

"Breakfast is ready!" the chestnut haired boy says bring a plate of pancakes to the table and sits down looking at me like he was waiting for me to sit and eat.

"You don't like it?" the naked boy says with a sad expression on his face. 

My insides fall. My head kicks into panic and I sit down and start eating trying to say, 'No no its good!' at the same time. I must have looked stupid. I felt stupid. But his face lit up and he smiled, I couldn't help but smile back.

After eating around five pancakes I stand up and he follows. Then I remember,

"We need to get you some clothes."

"Oh. Okay." The boy blushes. "Sir, can I ask you- What's your name?"

Oh yeah. We don't even know each others names. I smile and hold out my hand and said, "I am Gabe. Yours?"

He looked confused. He stared at my hand then at my face.


"Yeah, your name." I say still holding the smile.

"Oh- I'm William." He says with a smile.

"Well welcome to my humble abode, William. Now, Lets try and get you some clothes."

More Notes:
So First time to do this and I would like someone to help me by pointing out my mistakes and if I should keep writing this or drop it. Since I'm writing this as I go it wont be hard to stop writing this. Thanks.
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